Who do you Turn to when you Need to Find Products Made by Moroccan Artisans?

by Annie

If there is one problem shared by most Moroccan artisans, it is the fact that they are highly skilled at producing such North African treasures as Tuareg mats, Beni Mguild rugs, handmade pottery and handcrafted Moroccan leather goods, but they aren’t tech savvy. The result? They tend to find their market for selling products severely limited to where they live, peddling their wares in the local bazaars and souks.

Yes, you can buy many Moroccan products online, but how authentic are they? Counterfeiting is a worldwide problem, and nobody is 100% safe from falling victim.

That is part of the reason we created AliBerber.com

We are so passionate about so many of the wonderful handcrafted goods produced by some of the world’s most skilled craftsmen, and we want to help them reach a far larger market, one that they richly deserve to.

So, how have we done this?

Well, AliBerber.com isn’t a business that sells products made by Moroccan artisans. Instead, we are more a marketplace where you can “meet” some of the very best artisans currently working in Morocco, and you can buy the exact items you are looking for with total peace of mind.  We monitor the total process from payment till delivery.

How is this possible?

Here you will only find authentic Moroccan teasures such as the Moroccan berber rugs, lamps, lanterns and Moroccan poufs. 

Because we only allow authentic and legitimate traders to join our market, or our virtual souk as we like to call it, only the very best Moroccan artisans can become part of AliBerber.com

The result?

If you want authentic, highest-quality Berber rugs, Moroccan vintage products, handcrafted Moroccan leather goods and Moroccan cushions, then you will find will not be disappointed with the choice and quality our carefully chosen Moroccan artisans will have on offer.