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Moroccan Handmade is an online store that enables you to buy and sell handmade products in Morocco. All stores are run by various artisans who are governed by different policies that help them offer exquisite handmade products made in Morocco. Anyone interested in selling with can do so by opening a store for free. This store is always open (unless you are away on vacation or temporarily closed) and will display all of your handmade products. In addition to z
Yeah. All our sellers are required to be from within the Kingdom of Morocco.
If you want to create beautiful handmade products made in Morocco, is the place for you! All you have to do is register with Once registered, you will be taken to the control panel of your account. Click "Become a Seller!" On your account dashboard, where you can create your own store (for free) in less than two minutes.
If you love to create beautiful handmade products made in Morocco, is the place for you! All you have to do is register with and create your own store (for free) in less than two minutes.
You can read our DIY crafts instructions here at In case you have any questions about your products, or anything else, you can contact us via email Handicrafts vary between handcrafted and commercial works, so setting precise parameters around this diversity is extremely difficult in the eye of the beholder. We are definitely supporting creative products as long as these products were exclusively handcrafted by professional artists or small teams, and did not include any equipment or manufacturing tools in their production. We always strive to support all forms of creativity; Because our store can accommodate everyone without exception and for all talents and levels.
When you are approved to sell your handmade products, we will need some information from you to complete the registration process and include the products in the professional selling plan (this is in case you do not already have a plan), set up your own store website, choose your business name, create your own payment method, and submit Your Moroccan bank number, as well as a copy of your ID card (so that we can verify your identity) Once the registration process is completed, resources will be available for you to create your first data, prepare your first data card, set up your verbatim personal profile and manage your business.
It is FREE to join, create a store and list products. When making a sale, a referral fee of 11% will be deducted in addition to AED 10 for each sale. The sales plan is available free of charge to an seller. is available for all artisans to sell their handcrafted products to millions of customers from around the world. uses an app to add new craftsmen to a handmade rating to ensure customers can buy with great confidence.
To join our community of talented craftsmen, simply click on the "Open Your Store" icon in the top right-hand corner of the home page using the icon dropdown menu or directly from the "Start Today" page. You will get the necessary instructions during the account creation process and also learn about the account options currently available. Do not forget that your username will be your name on your store, so that it cannot be duplicated for another store on the site. Your username should not contain spaces or non-alphabetical characters as this will cause the link address of your store to be
If a buyer has a problem with an order from your shop, they may report a problem to you. Buyers may report problems in two ways: The buyer reports a problem to you through Messages. The buyer opens a case. Buyers who have opened a case may escalate the case to if the problem is unresolved within three days of opening the case. It’s best to resolve the problem with the buyer before they escalate a case, but if you need’s assistance, we’re here to help. How to prepare your shop Here are some ways to prepare your shop for a dispute: • Fill out your shop policies. Your shop policies help set expectations with the buyer and may protect you if a buyer has a problem with an order from your shop. • Regularly respond to Messages from your buyers. Prompt responses can prevent problems from escalating. • Ship your orders within your processing times • Make sure that your items and orders match how you describe them in your listings • Be sure that the policies you state are in line with’s policies. In a case,’s policies take precedence over a shop's policies. What to do when a buyer reports a problem • When a buyer reports a problem to you, they’ll send you a Message. Work with the buyer through Messages to find a solution that works for you both. A buyer wants a refund or return • If the buyer requests something that is in line with your shop policies, we recommend agreeing to their request. For example: Your shop policies state that you offer refunds and the buyer requests a refund. • If the buyer requests something that isn’t in line with your shop policies, work with them to agree on a solution. A buyer emailed you about a problem If the buyer reaches out to you outside of, direct them to use Messages. This keeps everything in one place, and will help Support assist if the case is escalated. What to do when a buyer opens a case If you and the buyer can’t resolve the problem through Messages, the buyer may open a case. A case is a formal report of a problem. As a seller, you must work with the buyer to resolve the case. If you and the buyer aren’t able to resolve the case together within three days, the buyer can escalate the case to Support. What can a buyer open a case for? Buyers can report a problem to you for any issues with an order. However, they can only open a case for these reasons: • A non-delivery case: the order didn’t arrive • A not-as-described case: the item(s) the buyer received weren’t what was described in their listing(s). Proof of shipping You may be required to show proof of shipping. Click Add tracking in the applicable case to add proof of shipping. Proof of shipping should show that the item was shipped to the address given by the buyer when they purchased the item on Proof of shipping could be: • A scanned copy of the delivery confirmation or departure information • A shipping service receipt • A customs form • A tracking number and/or tracking information that shows the package was delivered to the buyer Time frame for opening a case Eligibility to open a case is based on an order's estimated delivery date (if applicable) or processing time and/or “ship by” date. Once eligible, buyers have 100 days to open a case. When a case is closed A case will close automatically if: • You issue the buyer a full refund through Payments • The buyer closes the case if they are satisfied with the resolution • You add tracking information to the case that confirms the package was delivered to a location matching the transaction receipt (for cases of non-delivery only) If a case isn’t resolved, buyers can escalate the case to Support for review. reserves the right to escalate a case early for circumstances such as seller inactivity, harassment, refusal of service, case manipulation, and undermining the integrity of the case system. In the unlikely event that a case remains unresolved for more than 365 days, it is considered to be a late delivery, and the only acceptable resolution is a full refund. When Support can mediate If a case hasn’t been resolved in three days and the buyer escalates the case, Support can intervene and assist with a resolution. When necessary to resolve a case, reserves the right to issue a refund to the buyer and recoup funds from your account if payment was made via Payments. may reopen a previously closed case to further investigate tracking issues or other aspects of the dispute. If a seller doesn’t participate in a case against his shop, the account may be suspended. Both and buyers rely on sellers to provide excellent customer service. Unresolved cases can indicate to buyers that you're away from your shop, cannot fulfill orders, have not sent an order, or have sent an order that doesn’t match the listing description. To unsuspend your account, you need to provide the information requested by and help resolve your case. Once your case is resolved, your account privileges won’t be automatically restored.
Custom Duties and Import VAT When a package ships internationally, it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges are typically due once the package arrives in the destination country. Sellers are responsible with ensuring to comply with laws and regulations of the country of destination. Generally, the buyer is responsible for paying customs duties on receipt of the package. Certain countries may require certain documentation before the items are sent. If the necessary information is not provided, this may result in delays in the order. Goods arriving into EU from non-EU country When shipping goods from a non-EU country into an EU country, customs fees and import VAT may apply on these goods. The amount of customs duty and import VAT to be paid will be assessed at the point of entry of the destination country. This may result in the buyer having to pay additional charges which are not included in the total price displayed at checkout. Generally, VAT isn’t due when the total value of all goods in a consignment (value not inclusive of custom duties or transport costs) is less than the destination country threshold. The threshold may vary from €10 euro to €22 euro, depending on the EU country. For import VAT, the rate that is assessed is the rate set by the country that the package is shipped to. Customs duty does not typically apply on goods where the value doesn’t exceed €150 euro. Where can I find customs forms? You can obtain customs declaration forms from your mail provider. Most of the time, these are available online. Disclaimer: This article does not constitute legal or tax advice and is for information purposes only. You should consult with a professional advisor if you have any additional queries.
One thing we want to stress with is that this site is as much yours as it is ours. Don't like something? Let us know. Want a new feature? Shout it from the rooftop. Send your suggestion over
It is important for your buyers to understand how your shop functions. The following information should be included in your shop policies to keep your buyers aware of your store’s practices. Having a thorough shop policies section will also help support you if you were to experience any issues with a potential buyer. • Payment Detail and Order Cancellation Policy Example: Payments must clear within 7 business days. If the payment doesn’t clear, I will cancel the order If you decide to cancel your order, please contact me within 48 hours of your purchase. You will receive a full refund. Any other cancellations will not be refunded. • Return, Refund and Exchange Policy Example: Refunds and exchanges will ONLY be processed within 30 days of the date of purchase. **Items must be returned in their original condition in order for a refund or exchange to be processed, less shipping. In the unlikely case that damage occurs during shipment, please return the entire package in order to receive a full refund or process an exchange. If damage occurs during delivery, I will be happy to try and attempt to recreate the original piece. However, many of my pieces are one of a kind and recreating may not be possible. • Shipping Policy • Preferred Shipping Provider (DHL, UPS, etc.)  • Product Turnaround (Expected time to ship) • Rush Product Options (Does Seller accommodate rush orders) Example: Preferred Shipping Provider: DHL. Shipping occurs Monday – Friday. Payment must be cleared prior to shipping. No exceptions Product Turnaround: Products take an expected 7 days to create. Once they are created they will be shipped out. The entire process takes approximately 10-12 business days. Rush Product Options: If you would like to receive any of my products sooner than the 10-12 day lead time period, please send me a private message through Rush orders cannot be guaranteed, but depending on current work load, we will see what we can accommodate. • Custom Products  • How to be reached for any customization features, i.e. email Example: If you would like a special requested item, I’m up for the challenge! Please contact me with the product you are interested in recreating and the timeframe you are looking to have this completed. I will get back to you with any questions or confirmation. Most likely I will need to create a new offer for a custom product. I will send you an offer when accepted and payed we can proceed with the creation of your unique item. • Questions or Comments Example: Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. • Additional Policies and FAQs
Well of course! If you want to shoot us an email at we can add you to our Seller Newsletter so you can receive updates on
After you create a free Google Analytics account, you'll need to find your Tracking ID. It is usually found on the same page as the tracking code that you'd add to your website (we'll take care of this part for you, though). The tracking ID looks somethi
Yes. We do encourage that you share your social media presence so your fans can follow you. If you need to link to your website to access specific information (i.e. return policies, etc.) you are able to do that, although we do encourage that you include
All products are listed in each shop but products that are not available are not viewable in search or category results for buyers. To ensure that your products aren’t viewed by buyers, you can "hide" current products or "delete" products. These options a
Sellers with a store can change their PayPal account on record from within the Dashboard -> Edit Store Details
Yes. All sellers have the ability to put their shop on vacation. This ensures that potential buyers know you are currently unable to fulfill orders. You can turn your shop onto “Vacation Mode” by accessing your dashboard, and clicking on “Edit Store Detai
Access your seller dashboard and click on the Tracking Number' button. Here you can upload your tracking number. Please upload the tracking number and select which carrier is associated with the tracking number. Under Shipping you can find the list of sh
As an seller you are completely in charge of your shipping. You dictate the price to ship as well as manage the process. This gives you the flexibility to offer free shipping for local pick-ups (if available) and permits you to adjust the pr
By accessing your Seller Dashboard.
Not only will your seller dashboard reflect all of your orders, you will receive an email immediately notifying you of your latest order. This email will contain all of the pertinent information you need to complete your order, as will the seller dashboar
Absolutely not. You are able to choose whether you sell your products within Morocco or across the borders. Just be sure to include a note in your store description to keep buyers abreast of your shipping preferences.
Yikes! Please be sure that you are using a recent version of your browser to ensure that everything is working correctly. If you're still experiencing some issues, reach out to and we'll have someone get in touch with you shortly.
You can rearrange, delete and upload additional photos for your products. Click on 'my account' and 'view my products'. Here you can view and edit all of your current and previous product images.
Product description pages should include as much information as you can possibly include for a shopper to make an educated decision as to whether or not they should purchase your product. They should also include commonly searched for words and phrases so
We would encourage that you include as much information about your process and how to reach out to you in the product's description. That way the buyer will not be confused as to how they should move forward with the sale.
We want to make sure that your buyers are able to provide you with as much information as you need to fulfill an order. We do encourage that sellers include as much information upfront as possible to speed up the sale. While you are uploading a product y
Joining, creating your shop, and listing products is free. When you make a sale, Handmade will deduct a 11% referral fee + 10DH per sale. The Selling plan is free for an seller.
Once you are logged in to, you can change your store banner by clicking "Edit Store Details" on the dashboard.
Once you are logged in to, you can change your profile image by clicking on "Edit Profile" on the dashboard.
No. We do recommend that you upload enough products to satisfy your buyers but not overwhelm your store. When uploading your products you will also be able to select the quantity of product you would like to sell (i.e. 1 product or 100). Every seller will
Yes, as long as you are able to manage your inventory accordingly. We do not require exclusivity to your products.
In order to set up your shop URL, you should log into your account to access your dashboard. Then click “Edit Store Details”. Here you will find the area for your Store URL, which is[STORENAME]
All products should be made by you (or someone in your businesses hands) and made in Morocco. At, we do not permit the reselling of other people's products (handmade or manufactured), manufactured goods, or products not made in the Morocco.
Below are the Shop Profile and Banner image requirements. We have also provided suggestions as to what you would want to include for that image. Store Banner Size: 634 x 407 px Details: No text needed, just an image. The redesigned store page has your st
PayPal verifies every account with, which means that they temporarily charge your card to ensure that everything is updated. This amount will be refunded by PayPal. Please note that this is not an policy, it is a PayPal policy.
Yes. Absolutely. It is important for you as a small business owner to maintain your brand, so we strongly encourage that you use the same name.
To get started, just click on register and fill in the appropriate information. Once you’ve registered, you’ll automatically be sent to your dashboard, where you should click on “Become a Seller!”. At this time you’ll be prompted to fill out your inform
Your selling amount within'™s systems will be automatically debited via the selected payment system after a transaction (11% of final sales + 10DH).
By using a Moroccan Bankaccount, PayPal or even Wafacash. All ways are trusted global financial platforms that are easy to use. To ensure the trustability of the platform we require a copy of the National ID card and a copy of a document of your address n is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell products handmade in Morocco. All shops are run by different artisans, with varying seller policies and exquisite handmade products made in Morocco. Anyone interested in selling.
In order for to verify that artisans are living in Morocco, we require a Moroccan ID-card upfront. This also allows to ensure are items are from Moroccan Artisans.
Yes. All of our sellers are required to live within the borders of Morocco.
If you like creating beautiful handmade products that are made in Morocco, then is the place for you! All you need to do is register with Once you register you will be taken to your account’s dashboard. Click “Become a Seller!” on your account’s dashboard, where you can create your own shop (free of charge) in under two minutes.
If you like creating beautiful handmade products that are made in Morocco, then is the place for you! All you need to do is register with and create your own shop (free of charge) in under two minutes.
Sometimes certain zip codes were missed in our system to validate Moroccan-only accounts. Shoot us an email at We’ll validate your zip code and add it to the system.
Once you log in to your account, click on "Manage Products", then "Unlisted Products". You can relist your products here by clicking on the relist button.
You can read about's handmade guidelines here. If you have any questions about your products, or someone elses, you can reach out to us at Handmade varies from handmade business to business, so putting exact parameters around it is very difficult since it's very much in the eye of the beholder. As long as handmade intervention is in place, and pieces are not made by a manufacturer but by a lone artist with a very small team, we want to support those creative types. We want to be inclusionary, not exclusionary, to all levels of talent.
If your products are made by hand and/or have handmade intervention, you can sell your handcrafted products on Want to make sure? Feel free to shoot a note to with a link to your products for review. We do have strict policies regarding handmade goods. If products do not fit within our handmade guidelines, or become suspect in any manner, the team will reach out to consult with the shop owner. Failure to abide by’s guidelines may result in a shop closing.
When you're approved to sell your handcrafted goods, we’ll need some information from you in order to complete registration and list a product. You will register with a Professional Selling plan (if you don’t have one already), set up your shop location,
Joining, creating your shop, and listing products is free. When you make a sale, Handmade will deduct a 11% referral fee + 10DH per sale. The Selling plan is free for an seller.
The Moroccan Handmade store is available for artisans to sell their handcrafted products to millions of customers all over the world. uses an application process to add new artisans to the Handmade category to ensure customers
To join our community of talented artisans, simply click the Become a Seller in the upper right corner of the homepage using the user icon dropdown menu or directly via our Start Today page. You'll be walked through the process of setting up an account and see the account options that are currently available. Remember, your user name will be your shop name and cannot duplicate another shop name on the site. Your user name may not have spaces or non-alphanumeric characters as this will cause the URL for your shop to break.
We would love to! We are headquartered right here in The Netherlands. But we do have facilities in our beloved sunny Morocco, which happens to be one of the greatest growing art communities in the world !